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Rental Counseling:  
Trained housing counselors are available to counsel both tenants and landlords on their rights and responsibilities under federal and state fair housing laws.  Services include counseling on basic tenant and landlord rights. Other counseling topics in this area are:

Providing information and assistance in dealing with:

• Eviction and unlawful detainer actions
• Deposit returns
• Habitability issues
• Getting repairs done
• Mediation of tenant / landlord disputes
• Assisting tenant organizations
• Legal referrals to Bay Area Legal Aid & Bar Association resources
• Pre-rental counseling and Budgeting

Activities include documentation and verification of complaints, low income legal aid referrals, and mediation.

Referrals: While counseling is not limited to housing problems, most non-housing related problems and some specialized housing issues are referred to other agencies more effectively equipped to help. Typical referrals are made to agencies such as Food Distributions Programs, Social Services, Legal Services, Health, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Agencies, Homeless Programs, Social Security Administration, Employment Development Departments, and sources of financial assistance.

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